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hey, we've been working on this record for the better part of a year so we're really stoked to finally offer it up to the world. you can get it for free here (by clicking the totally not suspicious at all link above), stream it on our bandcamp (look ever so slightly to the left) or give us money via bandcamp or your platform of choice. We're on:

-Apple Music
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-And probably everywhere else. I think it's on youtube too if that's your thing.

You don't put out a 10 song album without some help, so here's some special thanks and additional album notes

Special Thanks: 

Amanda Palermo (For listening to everything at every single, sometimes painful stage. Offering feedback, and becoming an accidental producer. Also thanks for marrying me - Jon), Tom Colello, Jacqui Devaney, James and Terry Clayton (I’d like to thank my parents for letting me go to music school so I could pursue keytar with a BFA - Erica), Tom and Brenda Bove, Dana Box, Jim Fetter and Rik Nevone ( My electronics professors, because without them there would be no gameboy guitar - Joe), Dianne and Richard Greco, Henry Olsen, Chris Olsen, Mark and Lorna Read, Another Monday Evening Show, Beyond Radio, Checkpoint Radio, My So Called 8bit Life, Bad Copy, Matan Uchen (For listening to this in various stages and eventually asking to not hear it anymore until it was done), Nikki Wertheim (For doing the same but never actually stopping listening), Cold Wrecks, Go Big, I Fight Dragons, Boy Meets Robot, Brandon Hood (Thanks for the feedback!) Villainest, Crashbomb, Tom Magleby, Emi Spicer, Koji Kondo, Nick Palermo, Joe Hogan, r/chiptunes (Thanks for listening and sorry some of you hate us so much) Bandsintown, and the 80 or so people we'll probably add to this when we realize we forgot for some dumb reason. Sorry about that. 

Jon would like to dedicate this record to the memory of Florence Olsen. I only hope that when you’re looking down, you know I’m looking back up too. 

Joe would like to dedicate this album to the memory of Lydia Bove 


releases May 4, 2018

Jon Greco - Guitar, Vocals, Gameboy
Garrett Weinholtz - Guitar, Vocals, Gameboy
Joe Bove - Guitar, Gameboy Guitar
Dave Ringel - Bass
Mike Costa - Drums

Recorded at The Nerd Cave (Jon's Apartment), Garrett's Apartment, and Drums recorded at Tom Colello's House. 

Mixed and Mastered by Tom Colello
Album Artwork by Joe Hogan

Additional vocals on Meta Metal by Erica Clayton. Additional Acoustic Guitar on Cassini by Tom Colello. Gang Vocals on LISTEN! by Tom Colello, Mike Costa, Joe Bove, and Jon Greco.


all rights reserved

The Weird At Last live band is: 

Jon Greco - Guitar, Vocals, Gameboy
Garrett Weinholtz - Guitar, Vocals, Gameboy
Joe Bove - Guitar, Gameboy Guitar
Erica Clayton - Gameboy Keytar
Dave Ringel - Bass
Mike Costa - Drums